The exclusive purpose of the Sedona Westerners is to offer its members hiking opportunities, monthly meetings, and social events -- in order to facilitate among them the development of closer and friendlier personal acquaintance.

Veteran members of the club share with newcomers their appreciation and respect for the natural surroundings, the botany, geology, and cultural heritage of the area.

The Sedona Westerners, a completely voluntary association with no paid officers, is established as a non-profit corporation. It expressly avoids actions or activities that might promote controversy or divisiveness, or favor any commercial, political, or special-interest group.

The Westerners is one of the oldest continuously active clubs in Sedona, dating its beginnings back to 1961. Over the years, a number of other local clubs (the Verde Valley Archaeological Society, the Gem & Mineral Club, etc.) have "spun off" from the Westerners.

In 1971, club members compiled the first-ever Sedona Area Hiking Map which was available to visitors at both the Chamber of Commerce and the local Forest Service. On the map's legend -- besides the inscription 'Visitors Welcome' -- was the following characterization of the club:

"The SWs is a group of people whose purpose is to help ourselves and others appreciate and preserve the natural beauty of this Sedona - Oak Creek Canyon country. Our trips are designed for good fellowship and enjoyment of our natural heritage."

Present active members number around three-hundred local residents (dues are $30 annually; new members also receive a free Sedona Westerners name badge). New members and old members alike, through participation, are reminded of safe-hiking and hiking etiquette procedures and enjoy old-fashioned southwestern camaraderie.

This website serves two purposes. First and foremost, it makes available the up-to-the-minute hiking schedule for the current season. All hikers should check frequently for changes since they occur often. The second function of the website is to provide all the information needed to participate in Sedona Westerner activities. This information includes a history of the club, descriptions of our hiking groups, our "rules of the road", and our Constitution and By-Laws. The best starting place is here, on The Club tab.