SW Panorama

Hiking Rules

  • Each hike season, every hiker must have executed a Release of Liability form and, except for Honorary Members, must have paid their annual dues before departing on any hike.
  • Each hiker must sign the club register before departing from the trail head on a hike.
  • Photos and GPS tracking are allowed on SW hikes; however, publishing photos, specific maps, and GPS coordinates identifying 'sensitive areas', such as rock art and ruin sites, is strictly prohibited. This restriction includes print media and internet web sites.
  • All hikers must wear lug-soled hiking boots.
  • Each hiker must have sufficient water. (At least 2 quarts and up to a gallon on hot, dry days)
  • On the trail, hikers must stay between the Leader and the Tailgater at all times.
  • Notify the Leader immediately of illness or injury.
  • All hikers are expected to complete hikes. In the case of illness or injury, a hiker may leave the hike with the consent of the Leader if accompanied by two people, at least one of whom knows the trail.
  • Practice "Leave no Trace" --- pack out what you pack in, including toilet tissue!
  • Hikers must respect archeological ruins. Leave things as you found them! Some specific guidelines can be found here.
  • Hikers are not allowed to bring pets on hikes.
  • Hikers should bring lunch and a snack for all hikes (only a snack on Sunday).
  • Wearing a hat, carrying a pair of gloves, and hiking poles are recommended but not required. Sunglasses and sunscreen are also recommended.
  • Carrying a cell phone is encouraged, but it must be turned off except in an emergency and then used only with the Leader’s consent.
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